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Background Information on the Wetlands Educational Resource Center
(PowerPoint Presentation, 7.7 MB)
Presentation with general information on the Fitz WERC, rules and guidelines, resources available, scheduling, and how to browse online for books from the resource library.

Biological Restoration Plan (PowerPoint Presentation, 27.4 MB)
The Biological Restoration Plan (BRP) for the Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHAs) surrounding Pajaro Valley High School was a condition of approval for building the high school in this site. The goal of the BRP is to preserve, restore and enhance the Hanson Slough and West Struve Slough ESHAs. This presentation outlines the BRP with photos of the project.

Video: An Introduction to Water Resource Solutions.
Running time: 15 minutes
Brian Lockwood, hydrologist for the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency, leads us on a tour of the Harkins Slough water diversion project to show us what is happening to the precious water resources in the Pajaro Valley. Funding for this video was provided by NOAA B-WET

Birds of the Watsonville Wetlands (PDF file, 561 KB)
An illustrated list of common birds found in the Watsonville Wetlands.

Common Plants of the Watsonville Wetlands (PDF file, 33 MB)
A full-color bilingual resource with information on 40 native and non-native plants of the Watsonville wetlands including characteristics, where to find, life cycle, cultural uses, and interesting facts (for educational use only)

Birds of the Watsonville Wetlands (PowerPoint Presentation, 2.8 MB)
A basic slideshow showcasing photos of common birds from the Watsonville wetlands.

Watsonville Slough Conservation and Enhancement Plan (WSCEP)
The WSCEP is designed to provide a future vision and a guide for many agencies, organizations and individual landowners to further the goals of conserving and restoring the diverse natural resources of the Watsonville Sloughs Watershed in concert with improving the existing economic, social and recreational activities for the community.

Cover and Table of Contents (PDF, 49.9 MB)
Executive Summary (PDF, 211 KB)
1.0 Introduction and Problem Statement (PDF, 2.91 MB)
2.0 Setting (PDF, 9.3 MB)
3.0 Existing Conditions and Stressors (PDF, 29.62 MB)
4.0 Recommended Conservation and Enhancement Plan (PDF, 447 KB)

Teaching Wall Mural Segment in Black & White (JPG file, 560 KB)
Includes the most commonly spotted plants and animals from the WERC Visitor Center mural.

PVHS Hydrology Tour (PPT Presentation, ~50 MB)
(Large File -- allow time for downloading) Presentation includes an overview of the following: water cycle, PVHS storm drain system, detention basins, grassed waterway project, and continuing restoration opportunities.





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