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Research Links Relating to Wetlands, Marine Resources, & the Coastal Watershed


O’Neill Sea Odyssey Online Learning Center
Q&A about local marine issues, including data collected by school groups in the Monterey Bay.

Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses Homepage
One of MBARI’s joint projects with MBA, Education and Research: Testing Hypotheses (EARTH) lays new groundwork, providing teachers with means for integrating real-time data with existing educational standards and tested curriculum in an interactive and engaging way.

Animal Diversity Web
Created by the University of Michigan’s Department of Zoology, this site has lots of information about different groups of animals, as well as a section for teachers/instructors that includes some great teaching ideas.—Animal Classification
This lesson on classification by the Discovery Channel is aimed at grades 3–5, but is easily adaptable to suit older or younger grades.

Elkhorn Slough Nitrogen Case Study
The Elkhorn Slough is the site of numerous human activities, including agriculture, recreation, transportation, fishing and energy production. With so many things happening in this area, it is difficult to balance human and environmental needs. This online case study helps students examine key questions using real time data.

SIMoN—Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network
SIMoN is an integrated, long-term program that takes an ecosystem approach to identify and understand changes to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The SiMON website provides an excellent overview of the estuarine environment, as well as specific projects currently underway.

Central Coast Joint Data Committee (CCJDC)
The Central Coast Joint Data Committee (CCJDC) is a partnership of public and private agencies who agree to share spatial data about the 5-county region of the Central Coast of California, from San Mateo through Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey to San Luis Obispo County.


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