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Links on Composting

Information on How to Compost

From Howtocompost.org

From Compostguide.com

From Vegweb.com

Composting Activities and Handouts

Handout from the Santa Cruz County School Composting Program

Worm Bin Bingo and Compost Creatures Illustrated Handout
( UC Davis Compost Creatures and Friends)
(From Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils by Elizabeth Patten and Kathy Lyons, Illustrated by Helen Stevens)

California School Garden Network Activity:
A Gift of Compost — Students Build their own Compost Pile

Making a Worm Compost Bin
Kids Cook Farm Fresh Food: Seasonal Recipes, Activities, and Farm Profiles that Teach Ecological Responsibility
Sibella Kraus, California Dept. of Education

“By the Skin of our Banana Peels”
A Play about Composting

Compost Games and Quizzes For Kids & Adults

Fun online slideshow showing how to make different kinds of compost

Washington State Kids’ Composting Page

Kids Recycle! Page

Fun Facts and Compost Games from Mansfield Middle School

Cornell Compost Quiz Game

Composting Flash Game

The Adventures of Vermi the Worm
(California Integrated Waste Management Board)

More Composting Resources

Earthworm Digest

Picture Gallery of Worm Bin Creatures




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