Mission & Goals

The WERC’s mission is to inspire research, education and conservation of the wetlands and watersheds of the Pajaro Valley.

The WERC's three year goals for educational programs as adopted by the Watsonville Wetlands Watch Board of Directors are as follows:

To link experiential hands on learning with in depth classroom observations and analysis for students in grades 6-12
To promote student leadership through an environmentally oriented vertical mentoring program.
To develop site specific curriculum and other materials for the Pajaro Valley wetlands and watershed to be housed in the WERC resource library
To academically engage high school students by integrating wetlands study with standards based curriculum in seven subject areas (art, social studies, language arts, biology, chemistry, math and integrated science).
To enlarge student awareness to available pathways to college studies
To showcase career possibilities available from these studies
To introduce families to these possibilities for their children.







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