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The Fitz WERC center is equipped with specialized scientific,artisticandelectronic tools and supplies to extend field experiences into a wide variety of in-depth academic experiences in the Fitz WERC classroom.  These resources include the following:

Resource Library
Our rapidly expanding library includes a variety of resources, including:

Over 300 volumes on wetlands, science, and outdoor education related topics
Local resources including planning documents, archived news articles, reports, management plans, maps, and EIRs
Electronic archives, including PowerPoint presentations, data files, and links to related websites

Computer Lab
The Fitz WERC offers a state-of-the-art computer lab complete with software for activities such as:

GIS mapping
Identifying bird species and tracking bird populations
• Recording and interpreting data
• Designing publications
• Browsing our resource library and electronic archives

The Pajaro Dunes Homeowner Association raised funds for 9 new classroom computers and a printer, and local volunteers offered technological assistance to set up our lab.

Bird identification fold-out cards and field guides
Spotting scopes
Stereoscopic & compound microscopes
Video & digital microscopes

Additional Resources
VCR/DVD Player and Recorder
TV Monitor
Classroom Projection Screen
LCD Projector
Laptop computer
Overhead Projector
Large white board
Digital Camcorder & Cameras
Consumable A/V Supplies
Water quality testing kits, containers, & consumable supplies
GPS field devices
Art supplies
Outdoor gear (GCI chairs, backpacks, boots, waders)
Restoration tools & field gear
Plant collection supplies

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